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Pattern making and sewing course


You have decided to invest in a future in the fashion business and perhaps imagined applying to our foundation year Mönsterkonstruktion och Design and therefore need to learn some Swedish technical terms. If you are from Sweden and want to apply to a design school abroad, in that case you learn the English words.

The perfect course if you want a solid foundation in women's wear pattern design. Manual construction of patterns for models of skirts, blouses, trousers and dresses. You will learn the basics for changing pattern plates in clothing sizes into a sewing pattern you have designed and creating a valuable compendium with your drawings, scale 1:4.

This is the perfect lift-off for people who haven't sewn before. We have basic theoretical and practical briefings in sewing technique, machines and fundamental material sciences, covering the most commonly used materials. After sewing various details you continue with the garments you made a pattern for. How many - that depends on your design.


Discover how to move darts and design your own patterns. We use pattern plates and make changes from them.


None, the course is for beginners.

After the course

You have the basic knowledge in the world of patterns and you know how to stich a garment from scratch to finished. You will also know the basic technical terms in both Swedish and English.


Wednesdays 18.00-21.15


Eva Karlsson

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